Audrey is a 31 year old single mom, and has a special zest for life as well as lifting.

She has a degree in economics, however, due to the economic situation in Zimbabwe has been unable to find work. She “hustles” to make ends meet working on contract jobs that present themselves, specifically in the area of accounting and tutoring. 

Children and youth have a special place in her heart, and she is a dedicated leader for the youth powerlifting workshops in the community that are currently being run ever Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons. Having Audrey helping at the workshops has been vital to ensuring other girls feel welcome and comfortable, and has ensured powerlifting for females in the Glen Norah community continues to grow. 

“The biggest thing I have learned powerlifting is that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. And that I can even change some kids lives. Some of these kids in the community do not go to school, they are always here {at the community], so if I can change their lives that is so cool”.

Audrey is an incredible role model in the community with extensive reach, and gives back in many forms. She volunteers her time teaching disadvantaged children for free, as well as hosts classes for some ladies in the community that did not have a chance to go to school when they were young in order to help them upgrade their education. 

This is Audrey’s first powerlifting meet! And she is training hard for it. While Audry is very new to the sport, she is already an active and influential member of the Zimbabwe powerlifting community and recently took a lead volunteer role at the local meet. By attending Commonwealths as a female 72kg Open lifter, Audrey will demonstrate to other girls in the community that opportunities exist for them in the sport, and will play a role towards changing mindsets that women in fact do have a place in the weight room. 

“I can actively be here and be a part of growing the sport. And when I am old I can look back and say I started this, and I will feel good”.