Lift4Life sending 3 Zimbabwe lifters to compete at Commonwealths in South Africa

Common Wealth Sponsorship:

Lift4Life is very excited to announce the launch of our latest change making project in Zimbabwe, where we will be sponsoring 3 guest lifters to compete at the 2017 Commonwealth Benchpress and Powerlifting Championships taking place in South Africa from September 10 - 17, 2017. 

We believe this opportunity will impact these 3 lifters lives and be an experience like no other, and will additionally impact and inspire their entire community and country. These 3 lifters were strategically chosen as leaders and role models, and following the international experience will be able to return home and continue to grow and build the sport in Zimbabwe. Furthermore, when our team returns to Zimbabwe this fall, these 3 lifters will be involved in establishing powerlifting in communities that need it most.  

Interested in being a part of the power of powerlifting? We need your help to make this dream a reality, and we have a goal to raise $3000 US to help cover the cost of these 3 lifters meet entry fees, transportation, and accommodation. Powerlifting is a team sport, and together we can lift and uplift, as well as connect communities around the world with your support. Additional donations will be put towards opening up more facilities and building local equipment, with a female-only powerlifting facility in the planning for the near future. 

Check out our website for more about our project and the profiles of our 3 selected lifters attending, as well as how you can contribute. 

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