Powerlifting Great, Kimberly Walford, will be joining the Lift4Life team in Zimbabwe to spread strength to Zimbabwe Powerlifting! We will be working together in communities to share knowledge, resources, and a love of lifting.

Interested in being involved? We are looking for 6 individuals to join us on this once-in-a-lifetime trip!  

Kim to Zim


Since 2015, Lift4Life has been working in Zimbabwe utilizing powerlifting as a means to provide humanitarian assistance. We are excited for this opportunity to now welcome YOU to be a part of our outreach on the ground. Powerlifting in Zimbabwe is addressing crime and drug abuse, fostering women empowerment, creating employment and livelihood opportunities, building communities - the list goes on. Are you ready to be a part of the power of powerlifting? 


  • Give exposure to the humanitarian side of powerlifting, by allowing people to witness first-hand the living conditions and context of Zimbabwe, and how participation in powerlifting can improve lives.

  • Give exposure to the work and accomplishments of Lift4Life.

  • Give lifters the opportunity to learn, meet, and train with local lifters in Zimbabwe and assist in carrying over the message of strength to men, women, and youth in Zimbabwe.

  • Lift with and learn from Kimberly Walford, one of the best powerlifters in the world.

Interested in being a sponsor of the trip? We are looking for organizations and individuals interested in sponsoring a powerlifting meet during the trip, as well as helping us open more gyms.

TRIP Itinerary

Taking place from July 18 - 28th, 2019, the trip will include 5 days of Powerlifting Outreach with Kimberly Walford, followed by 5 days on an "Explore Zimbabwe Safari". Participants will visit Lift4Life community gyms and assist with workshops, organize a local powerlifting meet, help with Lift4Life equipment donation, train and learn from Kimberly Walford, experience the local culture and wonders of the country, AND MORE.

The application to participate is now closed.

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