Partnerships: Our Plan for Success

Powerlifting is a community. Our vision for LIFT4LIFE is that it will also become its own community of organizations and people working together to develop a community of powerlifting in countries that need it most. In addition to monetary donations (hosting a charity meet is an incredible way to make a difference!) we are also looking for equipment, training resources, athlete support, as well as advertisement and awareness. 

FORMAL Partnerships:

Formal Partnerships are organizations dedicated to monthly donations, and all donations are tax deductible. Your gym will additionally receive a page on our website. Lift4Life will also send you a banner to display at your gym, and provide opportunities to further make a difference through the sale of Lift4Life shirts.  

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The daily routine of training for powerlifting brings athletes together, teaches discipline and consistency, and gives constant measurable goals to strive towards. We believe that expanding regulated drug-free powerlifting into countries unexposed by the sport will be a source of positivity and motivation for the athletes, and a source of motivation and diversity for the International Powerlifting Federation community as a whole.
— Jason Tremblay, The Strength Guys