Donation Entry - Win a TOR Bench Board

Donation Entry - Win a TOR Bench Board

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Donate for your chance to win a TOR Bench Board, generously donated by Johannes from TOR Equipment.

Out of all donation entries, a winner will be randomly selected and drawn on August 31st, 2018

Tor Bench Board Entry:
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THE WORLD'S FIRST MAGNETIC BENCH BOARDS. The Tor Magnetic Bench Board-Press Boards are an excellent, compact design that are stackable up to 12cm in 2.4cm increments. This is perfect to find just the right range of motion to target your weak points and take your bench-press to the next level. Watch the video here

Why Tor Magnetic Bench Boards?

Easy adjustable
The modular design makes it easy to adjust the board height, even during a set. Magnets ensure that the boards stay safely in place, no matter how heavy you go.

Heavy duty
To give the boards excellent strength, stability and durability, we have handmade them in Denmark from ply-wood.

Fits in your gym bag
You get five different board press heights (2.4-12 cm) in one compact set, that easily fits in your gym bag.

Why Board Press?

Handle heavier weights and target sticking points
Board presses offer a number of benefits to both raw and equipped powerlifters. Great overload can take place, as the board press allows you to handle and get a feel for heavier weights. This helps to develop triceps and lockout power, allowing you to blast through bench press plateaus.

Break in bench shirts
If you are an equipped bencher, the boards are a useful tool when breaking in a bench press shirt. They help you bring the bar closer to your chest, by decreasing the number of boards as the weight increases.

Train around injury
If you have shoulder or pec problems, board presses can be a tool that allows you to keep pressing and working around your injury. This is only advisable in consultation with a health professional, but is certainly better than early retirement

How do they work?

Magnets make the boards snap tightly together and dowels ensure they stay safely in place, when pressing heavy loads. To adjust board height, simply remove the top board or add another one on top. As shown in the video, it is even possible to adjust the height during a set. The magnetic design makes it easy to adjust the boards to the exact height you want.


Handmade in Denmark from:
Neodymium magnets
Oak dowels


Length: 22 cm (36 cm incl. handle)
Width: 8.5 cm
Height: 12 cm (2.4 cm per board)