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Welcome Back:

It is weird to be writing about what is happening in Zimbabwe having not been there since August, but as the couple running All Out Sports Africa told me recently, it is almost like I am living right down the street because of all of the continued contact I have been having with the country as I work to establish what is now LIFT4LIFE. As a non-profit we have been operating for almost three weeks and in that short amount of time we have already managed to raise $625 which, though a small amount, is an amazing start for us! That amount is the combined donations of five individuals so far and that number alone gives me hope. If five individuals can help us raise $625 what can we do once ten, twenty, or a thousand people have donated to the cause? Using this money we have raised, we plan to begin moving forward with our plan of action. 



We are excited to report that our friend Joel Nyawaranda in Zimbabwe has agreed to join with LIFT4LIFE and become our first coach. Joel is a fitness enthusiast and excited to learn more in the sport of powerlifting and how to be an amazing coach. To help with that we have recently partnered with the Strength Guys to equip Joel and increase his coaching knowledge. We are also in talks with other organizations on similar lines to provide nutritional and coaching curriculum. By working together, LIFT4LIFE and these organizations will be able to create a stable foundation within the country for growing and teaching the sport which is vital as we cannot always be there ourselves. Joel will continue to learn as we wait on final steps to supply equipment for the Glenorah facility that will be our first LIFT4LIFE location.


Equally as exciting is the news that Ben and Helen Kawadza of All Out Sports Africa have been asked to present their plans for all of the community centers in front of the country’s ministers of recreation and sports. Due to the notice LIFT4LIFE is already getting, John Downing has been asked to prepare a video for the ministers to watch as well to inform them about the sport of powerlifting and the impact it can have with communities and building them up. If this video finds favor with the sports ministers, powerlifting can quickly find recognition within the country of Zimbabwe.


Additionally, we are starting to look for quality lifting equipment within the country that can be purchased with the money that has already been raised as it will save thousands of dollars by not having to pay for international shipping rates.  Donations are still needed and will continue to be needed to sustain this foundation and its continued growth worldwide! We encourage you to think about donating and welcome all questions if you would like to know more about LIFT4LIFE.


Moving forward:

Moving forward we continue working to build up the movement and brand in the US in an effort to raise more money, establish more of a following, and an increase in partners. With the latest potential partners we plan on establishing some form of coaching curriculum that could be used in several countries and potentially translated to multiple languages as it is needed. Partnerships are a big part of LIFT4LIFE and if you have or know of an organization that is interested in partnering with us please contact us or fill out the partnership form. We are looking for both financial partners as well as those who can provide us with knowledge or services.


As always thank you for taking the time to read about LIFT4LIFE and you can all help us by sharing our website, liking us on Facebook, inviting your friends to the page, and following us on Instagram!


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