Glen Norah A

Glen Norah A: 

Welcome back to this week’s blog post, and a new part of our series discussing all of our summer adventures traveling from Belarus, to South Africa, and back to Zimbabwe. It has been over a month since we lasted updated you on our efforts in Zimbabwe because we have been busy going to several powerlifting meets to tell people about our cause. In this week’s post, we are excited to be headed back to Zimbabwe to share more information about the seminars we put on while in the process of growing powerlifting.

One of our favorite stops this past summer was returning to Glen Norah A community center in the Highfield district of Harare, Zimbabwe. This is one community center our team will never forget as it was the inspiration for the foundation of LIFT4LIFE. Returning to this center for us was spontaneous because it was not in our original plan for that day, but having to change a date of one seminar moved it up on our agenda. It was a very emotional experience seeing the men who just a year ago we promised we would return to. Making the commitment and following through with it is something that holds unexplainable weight in a country like Zimbabwe where so many people’s promises go unfulfilled. Being back at Glen Norah was an amazing experience, and the crowd we drew that day consisted of over 20 people coming from the community ready to learn about powerlifting.  Additionally, there were several individuals who were interested in competing, and maybe even one day becoming a coach in their own community. 

That day, we even got to perform our seminar out of doors which was a fun experience and allowed for an even bigger audience. This allowed the crow to grow as the seminar went on and more people dropped in. One of the men attending that day was Salmon Bakari who was in one of our original posts on this website and Instagram. Salmon is an avid lifter and really the heart and soul of Glen Norah. He helped to organize this seminar, and we are pleased to announce that he will help us organize our first meet ever in Zimbabwe! The meet itself will be held at Glen Norah A. With that, our plan will be to host our first sanctioned Zimbabwe Powerlifting Federation meet next summer (winter for Zimbabwe) in July. A big part of this will be continuing to grow the sport while we are away and helping to gather more donations and equipment necessary to make July a success. If you have been following our blog since we started, you know how far we have come in just one year as both an organization and with our efforts in Zimbabwe. If you or someone you know has connections with singlet companies, belts, and any meet lifting gear we would love for you to contact us!  We are looking for some equipment donations to help out lifters in the country until we get more of the major companies shipping to Zimbabwe. Lastly, tons of exciting times lie ahead here with us at LIFT4LIFE, so please keep following along and contact us if you would love to join our team in some capacity and help our journey. 

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