Our Next Goal: 10,000

Raising 10,000: 

Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for your continued support. This week’s blog is a celebration of our accomplishments thus far, and a reminder of what our goals are in the future. This year has brought an amazing amount of success for us, and that’s due in large part to the support everyone was has given us financially and otherwise. Your donations are the majority of our income, and it contributes directly to our cause. As many of you who follow our blog know, this year’s trip to Zimbabwe was incredibly successful. The entire groundwork for forming a fully sanctioned and self sufficient powerlifting federation (the ZPF) has been laid. The major thing left to do is to create equipment for athletes to use. We have made huge strides towards accomplishing this, and we are only about $10,000USD away from completion. The overwhelming majority of the donated money is put towards fitness equipment for the community centers in Harare, Zimbabwe, and the cost for specific pieces is known. For example, a squat rack costs $350 and a bench costs $270. A donation of those sums can directly purchase that equipment! How cool is that!? Your support has been fantastic, and we are hoping to reach our goal by January of 2017. The main reason for our timeline is we are already looking to begin work in a second country! By completing our work in Zimbabwe, we will be able to start building a new powerlifting organization in another nation. We are very excited for this opportunity, but we need your help. This isn’t limited to just donations of course. The more outreach and spreading of our cause through social media avenues, the better chance we stand of meeting our goal. Every little bit helps us! Please check out our cool new merchandise, and consider some apparel for that special someone this holiday season! We are so excited to be this close to completing what we started in Zimbabwe. Thanks again for all of your support! 

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