Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

This time of the year, when it take just a bit longer to warm up for squats and your belt needs to be loosened a notch or two, leads us to reflect upon the past, appreciate the present, and construct goals for the future. Here at LIFT4LIFE, we celebrate our existing community, in the States and abroad, and more than ever we recognize the love and support that has been shown for our mission.
Many elements that we love about the holiday season intertwine with the pillars of powerlifting. The community is our family and they spot us when there is physical weight on our backs or metaphorical weight on our minds. Christmas, like powerlifting, loses that certain joy, that overwhelming feeling of harmony, when you don’t have your support network. Countless individuals give back to our community through coaching, reffing, spotting and directing meets. This dedication is the foundation of our sport and without their devotion we would not be able to sustain our community. After all, isn’t this time of year more about giving than receiving? Christ did not come to receive the three gifts from the Magi; he came to give to us all. 
Therefore, take the time this holiday season to give back to the people around you. Whether it is within the LIFT4LIFE community, a local food kitchen or toy drive, or simply by spreading a little holiday cheer. For those of you who may not have family to go to or may be too far from home, know that there is a community here for you amongst many other communities around the world. 

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