LIFT4LIFE: Zimbabwe Plans Summer 2016

Summer Plans 2016: Zimbabwe 

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In our last blog we introduced you to our welder Noel and the amazing work he will be doing with the organization in Zimbabwe to build the training equipment needed within the country. This is a huge step for us as building the equipment plus the donation from Challenge Barbell ensure that our first training facility will be up and running this summer. Which bring us to this week’s blog: What exciting prospects the LIFT4LIFE team has in country for summer 2016.


Over the past couple weeks the LIFT4LIFE team has been talking with Ben Kawadza our All Out Sports partner in the country of Zimbabwe and Joel who will be our first coach on what we can accomplish this summer.  Our plans so far consist of holding several seminars for strength training and specifically for powerlifting.  We will be doing these in multiple locations. Primarily we would like to have at least one at our first facility.  With the sport being new it is very important to reach out to all of Harare. With that we will be planning to host seminars with other local gyms, local high schools, and if we are lucky strength training seminars with professional clubs. (Sports teams)


Beyond seminars we want to ensure the growth of the sport of powerlifting within the country of Zimbawe. Luckily, Ben our partner has contacts within the sport ministry. Meeting with the sports ministry will be important as we begin to pursue nationalizing the sport within the country. Like the United States has the USAPL or Canada the Canadian Powerlifting Union, LIFT4LIFE will work within the government of Zimbabwe to create a governing body for the sport in country too. This will be a huge step for the sport but a necessary one there.


All of this being said we have one final goal for our trip before we leave Zimbabwe this coming summer. That goal is to prepare an infrastructure great enough for the growth of the sport so that in 2017 we can host our first powerlifting meet within the country. This is a lofty yet attainable goal and will demonstrate the success LIFT4LIFE will have had within our first country of Zimbabwe.


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