Gym Partnerships:

Gym Partnership:

Thank you for joining us by donating or helping share our cause with others!


In our last blog entry, we updated you on the progress being made in Zimbabwe and our anticipated gym partnerships.


Today, we are excited to announce our gym partnership program as a new way of outreach and fundraising for LIFT4LIFE. Gym partnerships are similar to our regular partnerships, but they provide LIFT4LIFE with additional financial assistance as well as continued outreach. As a gym partner, you are agreeing to graciously donate to our cause on a monthly basis. Ideally, minimum donations can begin at $25 with an upper limit bounded only by what your gym feels comfortable with. Your gym, like our partners, will receive a page on our website where we advertise you as a partner to our cause. All donations are, again, tax deductible as we are a 501c3.  This also means that our financial information is available to you upon request to provide transparency as to the usage of your donation money.  In addition to the aforementioned benefits, other rewards through the gym membership program include the following: after 3 months we can send you a LIFT4LIFE banner to be displayed at your gym, a request can be submitted to sell our LIFT4LIFE shirts at your gym, and lastly, if you host powerlifting meets they can be hosted as a LIFT4LIFE meet with the proceeds going towards the cause. If you are interested in this form of partnership, please fill out the partnership form (HERE) on the partnership page and in the “organization name” field, please list your gym and your interest in this partnership. You can also email us directly at for more inquiry thank you!


Shirts are still for sale up on our website as a way to continue to contribute to our cause. We’ve only got one item available in our store right now, but we welcome your feedback for future items you’d like to see. Shirts are 25 dollars and 5 dollars for shipping!     


As always thank you for taking the time to read about LIFT4LIFE, and you can all help us by sharing our website, liking us on Facebook, inviting your friends to the page, and following us on Instagram!



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