Growing our Team

Growing our Team:

In this week’s blog post, we are proud to introduce our newest member of the team! David Yeung has assumed the role of treasurer for LIFT4LIFE and is fully on board with the cause. David is a biomedical engineering PhD candidate at Ohio State University, and a proud member of the OSU powerlifting team. David has been working closely with LIFT4LIFE founder, John Downing, since late 2014 when he began powerlifting, himself. Since then, he has made tremendous gains as a lifter, but also let powerlifting influence his life in other positive ways. David has a true passion for teaching and giving back to the entire community, especially since he has received such good support from his current mentors. Therefore, when he was approached with the opportunity to join the LIFT4LIFE team, he knew that this would be a great way to share with others the different ways that powerlifting has improved his life. David feels a strong sense of community within all competitors of the sport, regardless of where they reside, so for him to reach out and support potential athletes around the world is only a natural progression of his passion. There are several projects that he is currently working on with John that are of particular interest to him, so please stick around to see what we have in store for all of you in the coming months. There will be a lot of great developments coming from the whole LIFT4LIFE team very shortly!

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