Welcome back, and thank you for checking out this week's blog post! Last week, we introduced our new gym partner, Dungeon barbell, who we are so excited to have on board with us to help promote LIFT4LIFE and our mission. 

This week, we are excited to share with you another completed piece for our first training facility in Harare, Zimbabwe. In february, we introduced to you the local welder we chose as a team to produce the equipment we needed in Zim. Since that time, Noel has been hard at work for us as he has completed both our squat rack and bench. Check out the images below to see the awesome work he has done for us! WIth these two items completed, we are that much closer to having our facility complete. The last item Noel is making for this space is weight trees to hold the plates which will be arriving in another week from Challenge Barbell. 

It is tremendously exciting to think that in just a few short weeks much of the work we started in October will be complete! This has only been possible through your help and support. Though we will not be finished by any means, this is a huge step in the right direction. Once in the country, we will begin work on setting up training times at the space with our Coach, Joel. We will also meet with the government in Zim to talk about creating a sports association for powerlifting. There are so many exciting things ahead, and we can not wait to share more with you each and every week! 


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