Let the adventure begin:


Hello and welcome back to this week's edition of our blog! We are excited to share with you as we about to shove off on our next great adventure back to Zimbabwe. 

In one week, our team here at LIFT4LIFE will start our journey back to Zimbabwe, and we could not be more excited! This summer, we will be able to take what was our dream and start to tangibly see it become reality. Our team will actually set off in Belarus where our founder John Downing will be coaching the Ohio State University Men’s team at the collegiate world championship along with our treasurer, David Yeung, who will be competing! We are excited to visit this meet and be able to talk about our cause with so many different lifters from various countries. We hope to discuss our mission with lots of the leaders in the sport today which will only serve to create more connections for us for years to come. 

From Belarus, we will then be departing and heading to Cape Town South Africa to look into working with Eugene who wrote a blog post for us a couple months back. Our hope is to help him build a sports complex which will also house a powerlifting facility. This will be used to reach at risk youth and potentially decrease the gang involvement in the area. From Cape Town, we are headed a little northeast to Johannesburg to meet with some new potential partners who want to see the sport grow even more in South Africa. Our plan is to work with them on outreach, uniting the South African Powerlifting Federation, and  expand their referee program. The more we expand and grow within South Africa the more it can benefit their neighbor country Zimbabwe! 

Finally, we’ll head back to where it all began. We will be traveling back to Harare, Zimbabwe to see how our efforts have paid off so far. We will be checking up on our workout facility which we have raised funds for and built over the past year. Beyond that, we will also be meeting with the government to begin forming a powerlifting association in that country. Our local partner, Ben, has already been working on this, and we will hold various seminars in an effort to advertise the sport and grow it among the community. 

With all of that, please stay tuned as we will be updating you on our trip, posting photos, and blogging about all of our awesome opportunities ahead! 

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