A Worldwide Community

A worldwide community:

In this week’s blog post, we wanted to recap our experience at the recent inaugural IPF collegiate world championship meet in Minsk, Belarus. We’ll be talking about what the LIFT4LIFE team accomplished there and what it means for powerlifting, as a sport, going forward. 

Once again showing true dedication to the sport, LIFT4LIFE founder, John Downing, was able to help coach the Ohio State men’s team to world championship victory! This was a great chance for all the athletes involved to experience international competition, but also to engage with lifters from all over the world. The coming together of people from varied backgrounds to share a single platform was a unique opportunity that we at LIFT4LIFE would like to provide to as many people as possible. Even at the international level, the amount of support from lifter to lifter was exceedingly strong. A true sense of community could be felt amongst everyone from athletes, coaches, judges, and spectators. Our current efforts in Zimbabwe are the exact embodiment of this sentiment. Seeing many young athletes validate their hard work at a high level of competition demonstrated how this sport can instill growth and maturity in multiple ways. Our goal with LIFT4LIFE has always been in line with this aspect of personal and community development far beyond what weight on the bar is being lifted. 

While we participated in the meet, we were even fortunate enough to be approached by some athletes who were aware of our mission and followed our progress. To those of you out there, we thank you immensely. This project would not be possible without your continued support. As you read this, John is currently in Africa doing the legwork that will allow LIFT4LIFE to realize its goals. There will be many updates to come regarding just how much we’ve been able to accomplish in this recent trip. So, stay tuned and keep lifting! 

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