Crossing the Atlantic:

It is so exciting be taking off this weekend with our team on our great adventure back to Africa. Last week we shared about our adventure with you and the journey that we would be on to get back to Harare. That adventure started this weekend as we left last night and are crossing the Atlantic today.

As we cross the atlantic we will be doing lots of new and exciting things all for our cause. This week's blog will be short, but what we want to make you aware of is some of our typical social media posts may be delayed as we will occasionally be in areas without internet. However, we encourage you to continue to tune in and follow along as we post updates. We will be as prompt as possible with getting back to you, but above all else, know that we are serving the sport by growing it all over the world. Our updates will share our efforts abroad and we are so excited to get into the country. So keep posting and continue to help us spread the word about LIFT4LIFE. When we return, we will have so many new stories to share with you!

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