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Kenmore Barbell & Fitness:

Blog post by owner and gym partner of LIFT4LIFE Vincent Mangione on why he joined our cause. 

My name is Vincent Mangione. I am the owner of Kenmore Barbell & Fitness (KBAF); a strength and performance gym in Western New York. In August 2015, with the help of my devoted staff and the vision to provide a unique training experience in a positive, motivating atmosphere we opened our doors to the public.

Now, as we are approaching our first year anniversary and setting our foundation for long term success, we are happy to share our passions with other like-minded individuals and organizations.  Certain opportunities have led us into our current achievements. Within the first year we have been open we have had the pleasure of welcoming some of the most recognized fitness professionals to our gym for seminars. KBAF believes in the importance of continuing education and that is why we chose to have Jason Tremblay and Taylor Atwood of The Strength Guys and Krissy Mae Cagney (Doughnuts and Deadlifts) to help our athletes in unique ways.

Our goals of education and creating a welcoming community within our facility are what drew us to Lift4Life as their objectives align with ours.  Partnering up with an organization that envisions a community with common goals and love for fitness is something we are very proud of.  The KBAF community is often coming up with different ways we can continue to support Lift4Life.  We are always happy to give back to our community as well as other communities in need, and we are excited for what the future brings for Lift4Life.

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