The Return to Zimbabwe:

The Return to Zimbabwe:

Some things we’ve done recently we would like to refer to as a “homecoming”, but making our trip back to Zimbabwe was so much more. Zimbabwe is truly the catalyst that helped launch LIFT4LIFE, and years from now when we are achieving our goals all over the world it will be Zimbabwe that helped make it possible. The magic about Zimbabwe is truly in the people you meet. The people of the country are so full of hope, and they continue to make do with what they have on a daily basis. Zimbabwe has had its years of economic success and downfall. And unfortunately, they are currently experiencing a rough patch, but all of these factors are what make it so amazing that we got to return to Zimbabwe and try to make a difference in that very place. We are able to begin our process of growing the sport in the country less than a year from the time we launched LIFT4LIFE. Coming back was truly as if we were waking from a dream only to see it become our reality. 

Our trip though was not without some complications. Knowing that we are partners with a group called All Out Sports in Zimbabwe, we also thought it would be awesome to bring some supplies for them. These included 40 soccer balls, ball pumps, and penny jerseys that would be donated to the sports ministry to be used at the same community centers we are working with. These supplies had successfully cleared customs along our journey from the US, to Belarus, Russia, South Africa, and now made it to Zimbabwe. Though these sports supplies were to be donated, it was Zimbabwe, the country for their purpose, that hit us with a tax on the goods. Luckily, we were prepared for that if it was to happen, and we quickly paid the tax and made it out of the airport all in one piece. 

One little hiccup aside, our team was overjoyed to see our friends outside of the Airport, Ben and Helen Kawadza, who are our main contacts in Zim. It has been their hospitality that has allowed us to truly accomplish our goals and make so much progress while living so far away. Seeing them was the homecoming we had all been looking forward to as well as the sign of so many more great things to come. Our first day back ended with planning the night away on our weeks ahead with seminars, meetings, and setting up the Zimbabwe Powerlifting Federation. As the day ended, our work had just begun.

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