The Impact:

The Impact: 

From Taurai Bayisayi: Zimbabwe Powerlifting President 

It has been a long process to get the Glen Nora community  gym members and their community the weights we promised almost a year ago. Despite the delays and red tape we had to get through, the looks on the guys faces as the truck carrying the equipment pulled up seemed almost priceless, as I could tell some of the guys where emotional. It's always such an inspiration when you manage to come across people who are as passionate about something as you are. It helps us with that drive to continue doing our work, knowing that there are people out there who will forever be thankful. As soon as we arrived at the Glen Nora community centre, my team and I got a very worm reception. The numbers were exceptional as always, I now understand why John loves that centre so much. They are just good people, that make you feel right at home.
The handover program ran smoothly and we had speeches from local council, community program coordinator's,  Naniso,  and Zimbabwe powerlifting federation representatives. We also got to to hear from the gym and community members, for their gratitude for the equipment.
Finally, we got to officially hand over the equipment to the gym and these guys were over the moon. There was singing and dancing, it was such an amazing moment words just cannot express it. You just had to be there. Immediately, the guys where trying out the new bench, taking turns to just bench the new weights.  A moment of life I will soon not forget.

The main message of the day was let's recruit more people especially women and  youngsters, let's think about the future of powerlifting in Zimbabwe, how to grow it, how to make it better and how to turn it in to a major sport within the country.

As president of the Zimbabwe Powerlifting Federation and on behalf of my board, I'lld like to express my deepest gratitude to Lift4Life and Naniso these are our two main partners and have played a tremendous roll in as far as the donations we made as well as all matters regarding Zim Powerlifting, thumbs up guys and looking forward to growing the community here in Zimbabwe.

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