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For those of you familiar with our journey, the past year has been a tremendous one for us both in the amount of progress we have made towards our mission and the great experiences we have had has a team. Our family has grown and made more personal connections than we ever anticipated. With that in mind, one of the most difficult and persistent challenges to a non-profit like us is fundraising. We firmly believe in our ideas, vision, and our team, but turning them into reality is always a hurdle which requires some capital to overcome. This is why we are so grateful for A7Intl and their decision to collaborate with us on the Lift4Life edition Bar Grip shirt where a portion of proceeds are donated to us. If you’re not familiar with A7, please check out their website at A7intl.com . They are a highly innovative company who has produced great products for strength athletes of all types but with a primary focus on powerlifting. Their support of our cause means a lot more to us than just the financial assistance they provide. It speaks volumes about their sincerity in growing the sport of powerlifting worldwide as well as helping communities who can benefit from our work. From our team at Lift4Life, we would like to wholeheartedly thank Jasen, Tatyana,  and the rest of the people at A7 for working with us on this project!


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