Equipment, Fundraising, & Community

Equipment, Fundraising, & Community 

Welcome back to Lift4Life’s blog series! It’s been a little over a month since our last blog post but we have been busy planning more amazing things in Zimbabwe and are working tirelessly to grow the sport of powerlifting within the communities there. When we last checked in, Lift4Life had just transferred ownership of equipment and plates to the community center of Glen Norah. We also received an update from Tauri, the Zimbabwe Powerlifting President.

Since then, we have been working very closely with the South African Powerlifting Federation in order to bring one of our Zimbabwean lifters to the national stage at the Arnold Sports Festival in South Africa in May. This is not only a great opportunity to showcase a lifter from Zimbabwe but also a great chance to show that the sport is growing in Zimbabwe and get a lifter and coaches experience at a actual sanctioned meet. The SAPF (South African Powerlifting Federation) is not only giving a Zimbabwean lifter an opportunity to lift; they are also hosting fundraisers to help cover the cost to send the lifter and a coach to this meet.  The higher meet entry fee, typical of Arnold Sports festivals, and the cost of travel are two of the larger barriers to lifting at meets like these but the SAPF is working hard to help our lifter and coach overcome this.

This is just one example of how the international powerlifting community supports its own. We are working to create a community like this in Zimbabwe and are encouraged by the efforts that the SAPF is making on our behalf. We are greatly appreciative of the SAPF and the opportunities they continue to afford Lift4Life and its affiliate. We look forward to continuing to work with them.

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