South African Arnold 2017

SA Arnold:

Welcome back to LIFT4LIFE’s blog series! It has been a month since we last updated you on equipment, fundraising, and the community in Zimbabwe. With our last post we mentioned we would be sending the first Zimbabwe Powerlifters to the South African Arnold in May. Today, we want to tell you a bit more about both lifters we will be sending to represent the future of powerlifting in Zimbabwe and how you can help make this trip a reality for them by donating to our cause. Over the next month, all money donated to LIFT4LIFE will go towards their trip! The South African Arnold is from May 5th through 7th of 2017. The two lifters from Zimbabwe we are sending are Tauri Bayisayi, the President of the new Zimbabwe Powerlifting Federation and a trainer at the Oxygen gym in downtown Harare, and Memory Nyati who is a member of the Zimbabwe military and the Army School of Physical Training. Both lifters are excited to be the first of many powerlifters who will represent Zimbabwe in the next few years. They are also excited to be the first to represent Zimbabwe on the global stage. Both lifters are depending on the support of many to make the trip to compete at the Arnold in Johannesburg. A few members of the South African Powerlifting Federation have been working closely with us to attempt to fundraise all of the money to make this trip a possibility. Despite what we have raised so far, we have fallen short of our goal and are in need of your help to cover the travel expenses of Tauri and Memory. That being said, all money donated for the next month to LIFT4LIFE will go towards helping cover their trips. Flights from Harare to Johannesburg are 250 US via Fast Jet. 500 dollars will be enough to make this first trip for Zimbabwe a reality. With your help and the help of the powerlifting community, we know we can make this trip a reality for both lifters! Thank you! If you have any additional questions about where money will be spent or how you can help out. Please feel free to email us at  (Images below of Tauri Training)

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