South African Arnold Part Two

SA Arnold Part Two:

Welcome back to our LIFT4LIFE blog series! It has been about a month since we last updated you on our efforts to send two lifters from Zimbabwe to South Africa to compete in the Arnold there. Since then, we successfully raised enough funds for our cause to support and send some of our lifters to South Africa. This will be an exciting month ahead as we see them off to their first competition in May!

Many things are required before a lifter even hits the platform. One of these is personal equipment needed to compete. The International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) requires lifters to use only IPF approved equipment in order to lift in their competitions. This may have been a barrier for Memory and Tauri to compete but it was quickly surmounted through the assistance of some caring companies. Beast Genetics in South Africa has been kind enough to donate two singlets for each of them to wear. Additionally, we recently contacted the company Titan about supporting our lifters in Zimbabwe and they have already sent us a massive shipment of singlets, belts, knee sleeves, and some shoes to take to our lifters in Zimbabwe when we visit again this summer. We are very grateful for these donations and for the community of lifters that keep pouring into our cause.

Through our blogs and social media posts, we plan to focus more on the story of what is happening in Zimbabwe, telling you more about the lifters and their personal growth. We want to shift our focus from behind the scenes updates of how we are growing LIFT4LIFE and center our messaging on how LIFT4LIFE is growing not only the sport of powerlifting but how it is helping the communities of people in Zimbabwe. Stay tuned for some awesome updates, especially how our lifters do at the South African Arnold.

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