The Experience

Tauri's Arnold Experience: 

(Authour: Tauri Bayisayi-President Zimbabwe Powerlifting Federation)

Going to the Arnold’s classic was such an amazing experience. It gave me such a burning desire to work harder and establish powerlifting in Zimbabwe. The first day I remember thinking we need to get more athletes to international competitions, and we need to do more local competitions.  A lot of women took part in their various categories which also raised another issue of getting more women involved in the sport. We most certainly are a long way from meeting international standards in that regard but are definitely in the right direction as we had our very own Memory representing Zimbabwen women. The task now is creating a platform that that attracts and retains female powerlifters.

Words cannot express the emotions I felt competing on an international stage, I am truly humbled and grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in such a momentous event. I feel like it was for a reason, not just to take part but to absorb as much as possible when it comes to hosting a meet, all the small and fine details.

I felt the South African powerlifting federation did an amazing job of putting the meet together. I managed to have a few sit downs with some of the members of the SAPF, discussing how we could grow the sport in Zimbabwe. Also  made some friendships there with some amazing people.

Antoinette and Andrew are two of these people. They hosted us and just went way out of their way to make sure Memory and I would have the best experience at the Arnold’s. We even had a chance to go to their gym and train with them, such great host.

Many thanks go out to John Downing and our partners at LIFT4LIFE for making the trip possible and everyone else involved in making our trip such a success.

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