Summer 2017-Zimbabwe

Summer 2017

Welcome back! Our summer in Harare is unfortunately drawing to an end. The countless hours spent developing coaching manuals, connecting with the locals, and organizing lifting workshops still do not feel like enough. Nonetheless, with the help of Nicola, we have been able to further connect with the community and we are looking forward to seeing how her experiences have shaped her research. We are proud to have someone as hardworking as Nicola on our team and we would like to thank her for her time and efforts.

This summer in particular feels like a milestone for Lift4Life because our objective in Zimbabwe has become more concrete and less of a vision. The people of Glen Norah have taken the idea conceived by our organization and formulated it to fit the needs of the community. The gym in the community center has become more than a facility for growing strength. As expressed by Ben Kawadza during a leadership training seminar, the gym should be used as the “beacon of your community”. Powerlifting has initiated a discussion and kindled connections in Zimbabwe that will hopefully lead to serving the community in more ways than one.
In the upcoming week, Glen Norah will be hosting a mock meet that will demonstrate the results of the workshops held the past few weeks. We are honored to be a part of this momentous event and we know the meet is in capable hands. After our departure, the community will continue to advance our mission on their own. There will be training camps available three days a week for students interested in lifting and likely more mock meets in the future.
These past weeks have reaffirmed that the powerlifting community is flourishing in Glen Norah. We continue to work to develop the essence of unity through the sport and we will be leaving Zimbabwe with renewed and heightened drive to push the potential of Lift4Life to the limits. We look forward to sharing more details about our efforts during this year’s trip! Be sure to check out our Instagram @lift4life_worldwide for more frequent updates. 

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