#GratefulGains - Lift4Life SURPASSED its Fundraising Goal


Lift4Life is excited to announce that we successfully completed our Commonwealth Guest Lifter Sponsorship Project! It took a team effort, and people pitching in from near and far to make this project possible. 

Lift4Life raised $3,115 dollars (over our $3000 goal!) to sponsor Audrey, Ndoo, and Knox's meet fees, hotel costs, flights, and transportation. The additional funds past our goal will be put back to the community in the form of a "banquet" (common in powerlifting immediately after a meet) to celebrate ALL the lifters in Glen Norah where these 3 lifters are from, and to launch our upcoming projects in the country to help share the power of powerlifting with those who need it most. 

Let the lifting fun begin. We will continue to share the journey of these 3lifters to the international platform as they compete on September 16th - so keep your eyes on our blog and social media spaces for all the special stories. 

Thank you for helping us spread strength across the world #LiftingAndUplifting #Lift4Life

$3, 115 USD.png

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