Zimbabwe Inter-Community Powerlifting Meet

On February 24th, the newly registered Zimbabwe Powerlifting Federation hosted their first ever powerlifting meet. The meet was a huge success, and it included many youth and women competing and experiencing the platform for the first time. It even made both National Radio and Television! 

The meet was hosted in the community of Mabvuku, with 32 lifters from across Harare taking the stage. There were over 50 spectators, with many others stopping by to check out what the event was all about.

Lift4Life sponsored the medals and certificates for the meet, and funded lifter bus fares and meet fees ($2) for young lifters that could not afford to attend on their own. The meet was directed, organized, and promoted by local lifer Audrey, who made sure it was accessible for everyone who wanted to attend. Many others stepped up to help make the day special, including the local Aids Council that donated t-shirts.

You can read more of the power of powerlifting here , and initiatives such as this local meet are changing lives and important in terms of building community cohesion, addressing drug abuse and crime, promoting health, as well as fostering women empowerment. Following the meet, Lift4Life is excited to see a number of new faces attending gym sessions - inspired for more and how they can get involved in powerlifting.

We look forward to continuing to spread strength through strength training both in Zimbabwe and communities abroad that need it the most. 

                                               MEET RESULTS

Boys Sub-Junior category -50 kg:
1. Simbarashe Nhamo (13 years old) Squat 40kg Bench 20kg Deadlift 55kg Total 115kgs
2. Sly Butau (10 years old) Squat 30 kg Bench 20kg DeadliftL 50kg
Total 100kgs

Girls Sub-Junior Category -72kgs
1 Kelly Chiripo (16 years old) Squat 50kg Bench 25kg Deadlift 55kg
Total 130kgs
2. Manyara Molife (16 years old) Squat 50kg Bench 25kg Deadlift 50kg Total 125kg
3. Wilma (16 years old) Squat 50kg Bench 25kg Deadlift 50kg
Total 125kg

**Manyara came second on body weight 65.2kgs to Wilma's 67.3kg

Boys Juniors -59kg
1. Tatenda Kaduwo Squat 70kg Bench 70kgs Deadlift 120kg Total 260kg
2. Vincent Rimau Squat 70 kg Bench 50kg Deadlift 120kg Total 240kg
3. Tawanda Mucherahondo Squat 60kg Bench 55kg Deadlift 100kg
Total 215kg

Boys Junior 74kg
1. Talent Utete Squat 80 kg Bench 60kg Deadlift 140kg Total 280kg
2. Kudzai Chimbwanda Squat 90kg Bench 70kg Deadlift 120kg Total 210 kg

Men's 83kg category
1. David Zulu  Squat 150kg Bench 95kg Deadlift 150kg  Total 395kg
2. Sylvester Squat 120 Bench 100kg Deadlift 170kg Total 390kg
3. Persuade Musonza Squat 110 Kg Bench 60kg Deadlift 145kg Total 325kg

Ladies Open
1. Chipo Chikoore  Squat 65kg Bench 50kg Deadlift 100kg Total 215kg
2. Rebecca Chinembiri Squat 65kg Bench 40kgs Deadlift 100kgs Total 205kgs
3 Gloria Mudhara Squat 60kg Bench 50kg Deadlift 90kg Total200kg



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