Why be a Lift4Life Partner?

We are epically excited to welcome THE BAR BEDFORDVIEW as a Bronze Partner to our Lift4Life team! Long time supporter and coach at The Bar Antoinette recently wrote a blog post  about why the gym decided to join the Lift4Life team, and why they believe others should do the same. 

"To me the Lift4Life community is a truly inclusive community and this is why I and The Bar Powerlifting Club have chosen to be part of it and why I encourage other gyms, individuals and organisations to also join hands with them. There are no hidden agendas here, no competing to be better than others, just the coming together of human beings through the sport of powerlifting." Read more


Members of The Bar helping Zimbabwe Lift4Life sponsored lifters at Commonwealth Championships in South Africa

Are you Lift4Life's next partner?  Partnerships are an incredible opportunity for individuals, organizations, and gyms interested in spreading strength around the world

The Bar Bedfordview is located Johannesburg, South Africa, and is a specialist powerlifting and olympic weightlifting club. They offer olympic lifting, powerlifting, women lifting, masters lifting, general strength & conditioning, and more. The Bar coaches, Andrew & Antoinette, have many years of experience and a track record of producing results. They are passionate about helping athletes all over the world. #LiftingAndUplifting

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