Zimbabwe Athlete Success Story - Audrey Svongwa

                              Photo by Grant Hendry-Horne

                              Photo by Grant Hendry-Horne

Lift4Life would like to send a big congrats to Zimbabwe athlete and Lift4Life local change-maker Audrey! The hard work and success of athletes on the ground continues to inspire us, and we know this is only the beginning for the country. 

Audrey last week was sponsored by Meep Squad and coach Gabrielle for coaching in order to take her lifting to the next level. Audrey has also been provided the opportunity by the South African Powerlifting Federation to compete at the African Arnolds on May 19th! Thank you to our Lift4Life partner The Bar and long time Lift4Life supporter Antoinette for helping organize this. Lift4Life is currently focused on building equipment through our donations, and as we work with a number of athletes we will not be funding her competition. However, Audrey has been empowered to fundraise on her own and is doing an incredible job. 

If you would like to help Audrey get to the African Arnolds be sure to check out her GoFund me page here. 



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