Thank you Johannes and TOR equipment for the generous donation of 2 TOR Bench Boards. 

This summer, your donation to Lift4Life will be entered to win a TOR magnetic bench board!  The winner will be drawn at random on August 31.


Can’t wait and want a guaranteed win? We also have 1 TOR bench board for purchase on our store! All proceeds from this board go towards building gym equipment abroad, ensuring you get gains and spread gains. Get it before its gone! This is a great opportunity for an individual or gym to expand upon their equipment selection. 


The Tor Bench Boards are handmade in Denmark, and are the worlds first magnetic bench boards. The stackable compact design makes the board height easy to adjust, even during a set. Magnets ensure that the board stays safely in place, no matter how heavy you go. Why board press? Board presses offer a number of benefits for lifters including being able to handle heavier weights and break through plateaus, break in bench shirts, train around injury, and so so much more. 

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