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Welcome back with a short introduction the team at LIFT4LIFE would like to thank everyone that has participated and been apart of this non-profit so far! This weeks blog is from our friend in Zimbabwe Ben Kawadza he leads the All Out Sports Africa Ministry in ZImbabwe and is an active member of LIFT4LIFE helping us get up and running in that country. This blog is snippet of what he does in that amazing country! 

Ben Kawadza

Naniso(Shona word for a miracle or something spectacular)  All Out Sports was set up to run sports and recreation programs for forty four community centers around the greater Harare city area. Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe. We have set up a simple but effective format to run the programs. Each centre is set up to run leagues for boys and girls ages 6 to 12 for the sporting disciplines of soccer, netball, basketball, tag, rugby and volleyball. We are also looking forward to launching ladies clubs for older girls and weight lifting programs for the older youth and young adults in the coming year through our partner Lift4Life based in the United States. The program seeks volunteers only from the local churches that surround the centres. A foundational course is given to the volunteers which includes Ubabalo, Heartline Mentorship program and a level 1 course on the sporting discipline the volunteer chooses to participate in. Volunteers are also offered ongoing training in coaching as well as Christian courses on sports and discipleship. Once participants of the program register we are able to share the gospel, provide life skill training and other complimentary ministries that range from drug rehabilitation to information on HIV and AIDS and teaching for behavior change.

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