Lift4Life Team Member Nicola recognized as a 2018 Athlete in Excellence

We are very excited to announce that Lift4Life Team Member Nicola Paviglianiti is a recipient of a 2018 Athletes in Excellence Award!

The global award from the Foundation for Global Sports Development recognizes elite-level athletes who have dedicated themselves to bettering their local or global communities through mentorship, service, and volunteerism.

In addition to spotlighting the athlete's work, each award recipient is granted $10,000 in unrestricted cash. These funds will enable Nicola to continue to pursue her passion for powerlifting and commitment to service through her role and projects within Lift4Life.

The support from everyone around the world for our cause continues to amaze us, and we are very excited for all the exciting new things to come in 2019

Check out the press release here to read more about the award and the 10 recipients from around the world. #LiftingAndUplifting #Lift4Life.

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