Closer to reality:

Closer to reality:

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In our last blog, we updated you on progress being made in Zimbabwe and our gym partnership initiative. The latter will be formally launched on the website soon, and it will allow gyms to partner with us to help promote LIFT4LIFE.


Today, though, we want to bring ourselves closer to reality. Below, the blog will be a gallery of photos showing you the space we will be working in to build our first training area in a community center. The photos help to illustrate the equipment they currently have as well as what they are working with. In October, LIFT4LIFE came into existence with an idea and a passion for growing the sport of powerlifting. Since that time, we have started to grow that community by first, creating a quality coach through our curriculum and secondly, by building a physical training location.  With that being said, posted below is the photo of the first completed squat rack that we commissioned to be welded within Zimbabwe.  Next up, our local welder is building us a bench and weight trees.  However, even with all of this tangible progress, a more exciting development is the shipping of our weights, themselves! In the gallery below, there are photos of the several crates of plates and bars from Challenge Barbell being shipped to Zimbabwe for our very first training facility. By taking a small step back and observing this documented progress, it is clear to see that our aspirations are coming to fruition. This reality, a reality that belongs to both us and you, has the ability to train powerlifters in a free community center where we can continue to uplift  the entire municipality and further branch out as our resources permit. October was a dream. A heartwarming idea with good intentions, but just a dream nonetheless. This summer we will concretely turn that dream into a reality with a realistic goal of a powerlifting meet taking place in Zimbabwe in July of 2017.


To segue into another exciting development, t-shirts are now for sale on our website! This is a great way to contribute to our cause and get some cool swag for yourself. Feel free to check out our store where shirts are available for $25 plus $5 shipping. We’ve only got one item available right now, but we have more in the pipeline. Also, please feel free to leave a comment here or on our Facebook page with suggestions of future merchandise you would like to see.


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