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Creative Genius:


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Since we last blogged, the team at LIFT4LIFE has been busy working towards several of our goals of equipping, educating, and growing the community of powerlifting worldwide. Many of our first blogs showcased the partnerships we have made with The Strengths Guys and Reactive Training Systems, which will help us to provide educational materials to coaches from some very prominent companies that focus on powerlifting. Other blogs have focused on progress within Zimbabwe as well as here on the home front in growing LIFT4LIFE. In recent weeks we have been working towards answering our questions of equipping the training facility we have in Harare, Zimbabwe. Most of this deals with the funds we have raised so far to help purchase what we will need to get up and running. That being said, we are planning on building the training equipment using local welders within the country. In terms of bars and plates, we are working with another company that may potentially donate what we need.


However, all of this is dependent our ability to fundraise. That being said, we are pleased to announce a new partnership! This partnership will be with Robert Orozco who is an amazing illustrator, artist, and graphic designer and is known by many in the lifting industry for designs he has made for Raskol apparel, an apparel business managed by Omar Isuf, a huge name in the fitness social media world. Robert has joined LIFT4LIFE to provide his creative genius to the non-profit as he will be working with us to develop and illustrate a t-shirt design that LIFT4LIFE can use to sell to help fund the non-profit and its efforts in Zimbabwe and someday future countries.


The team here at LIFT4LIFE is so happy to have Robert on board as he does some truly exceptional artwork. We know he will use his amazing skills to produce something that truly captures the mission of LIFT4LIFE and helps us to continue to pursue our goals through selling shirts!


Please check out Roberts work/company here:






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