March Update:

March Update:

Thank you for joining us by donating or helping share our cause with others!

In our last blog post Robert Orozco told us about the Atlas design he created for the LIFT4LIFE shirt. Since then we have already sold several shirts locally and within the next week also plan to launch an online store so that you can purchase LIFT4LIFE-Atlas shirts wherever you are at in the continental US. Our team is so excited to have the opportunity to sell these shirts to a wider audience as a way to pull in more funds for our organization. 

Heading into March we have some awesome things happening that we are excited to share with you. First, is a testament to the progress that we have made so far in Zimbabwe. Below you will see an image of our first completed squat rack for our training facility in Zimbabwe! This rack will be the first of many that will be made along with benches as well.  The welder Noel did an awesome job in the construction of the rack and we are so blessed to be working with him. Next, Challenge Barbell has been able to fill their order for us of 285kg of weight and bars that they have donated and will ship for our first facility. Needless to say the first facility will be up and running even before to our return to Zimbabwe in July. All of this is very exciting news for us and has been brought about by your generosity with donations and the generosity of the companies helping LIFT4LIFE!

Next is a first of what we hope will be many, and that is our first gym partnership in the United States. With a gym partnership a gym will agree to make some form of donation to LIFT4LIFE every month in an effort to help us with our fundraising. In return gyms will join our partnership page as our way of being able to give back and will be shipped a banner for them to hang in their gym to further help us spread the message of LIFT4LIFE.  With that being said we are happy Kenmore Barbell & Fitness in Buffalo New York has partnered with us! We are very excited to be able to share with the gym owner Vincent Mangione about our mission and goals in Zimbabwe and beyond!

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