On the home front:

On the Home Front:


LIFT4LIFE gives us a truly special opportunity. It takes the best part of any sport (the community) and grows it in different locations around the world. LIFT4LIFE has plans of starting in Zimbabwe and developing a community of powerlifters there that have the ability to eventually compete and seek recognition within their own country and the world stage. However this whole process starts with community.  As we start, it is the community here in the US that will grow LIFT4LIFE and help fund it in its early stages through donations so that that the community in Zimbabwe has a chance to begin and thrive. So far we have had amazing progress on that front within the country of Zimbabwe.  As I mentioned in the previous post we will be presenting a video to Zimbabwe’s Minister of Sports and Recreation on November the 12th to gain their recognition. Additionally our partners in country with All Out Sports Africa have already secured space within community centers across the capitol city of Harare that we can use to start with!


To parallel the exciting news in Zimbabwe the push is really beginning here in the states as well. Everything we do in other countries will be fueled by the stable curriculum our partners build for teaching coaches abroad and by the funds we raise through donations to pay for equipment to build up these facilities.  




Just this week we have been working very hard on what will become the LIFT4LIFE curriculum for coaches first in Zimbabwe and then elsewhere. We will be using Mike Tuchscherer Reactive Training Systems resources to take with us on our next trip. Beyond that we will be collaborating with Mike Tuchscherer, Mike Zourdos, Jason Tremblay and others to create a standalone basic curriculum for coaches in other countries. This will be something that is our own and truly demonstrates LIFT4LIFE’s focus on the aspect of community. This LIFT4LIFE curriculum will be something that is not made by one single man but by the collaboration of many representing different companies and organizations involved in the sport. The first step begins with Mike Zourdos who is developing an outline that we can then assign roles from. Next each prospective contributing author will set about pouring their own passions into this to create something that we can use for years to come to teach and coach powerlifting across the world!


New Partners:


From our last update we have also gained two more partners for the LIFT4LIFE team and again are still in talks with even more. Formally we would love to thank Mike T Adam Palmer and the whole staff at Reactive Training Systems for joining us at LIFT4LIFE and offering up their RTS coaching curriculum for our coaches in Zimbabwe to learn from. Next up is Adam Palmer and Photo Reactive. Adam has been interested in LIFT4LIFE from the start and approached John Downing at USAPL Raw Nationals to get involved. Adam and Photo Reactive have already taken an active role and have produced our first product we can sell to help raise money for LIFT4LIFE. A poster displaying our logo, website, and founder. The impressive poster is something that lifters alike can associate with the greatness of the squat! It also serves as an outreach tool as those who buy it support the cause and will provide further exposure for others to see and learn about LIFT4LIFE. Thanks again to all of our partners that are so passionate about the sport of powerlifting and willing to help out in so many different ways as they join us right from the beginning when support means the most.


The Shop:


Also new this week is the Poster from Photo Reactive our first item for purchase in the shop as something you can physically have and through your purchase support LIFT4LIFE. All profits from these posters will go to LIFT4LIFE and our goal of purchasing equipment to help outfit the first facility in Zimbabwe and eventually other countries. The poster is a simple way to support and help spread the LIFT4LIFE movement. We have plans to add even more items to the LIFT4LIFE shop over time but are excited to have this poster to start us off! There are only 26 in this first order so get yours while they are still available.


Signing off:

Again thank you for tuning in and reading a little more about LIFT4LIFE and the progress we have made so far. If you are wondering how you can support the cause please email us at team@lift4life-worldwide.com or fill out the partnership or contact sheet on our website. Looking for easy ways to help out? We appreciate everyone that can follow us here on our website as well as liking our page on Facebook (lift4lifeworldwide), sharing posts, and inviting friends to like our page too. Not on facebook? Follow our progress here through blogs and you can even check us out on Instagram at lift4life_worldwide


Thank you again for all your support,


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