Saturday Spotlight: Antoinette Kriel

This Saturday Spotlight series showcases the participants of the Kim to Zim Outreach Group.

Antoinette Kriel

Q: How did you get started in powerlifting?

A: I used to do kayaking and crossfit, when I became seriously ill, and lost a lot of strength. We decided to focus on regaining my strength and decided to compete in a powerlifting competition in 2013 as something to aim for.

Q: What is your favorite lift and why?

A: The bench is both my favourite and most hated lift. I love it because it is so deceivingly technical. I hate it because it is so fickle: things can be going great and the next minute, for no apparent reason, it's 'gone'.

Q: How has strength training impacted your life?

A: It has forced me to confront aspects of my personality and to either change or accept them.

Q: What motivated you to want to be a part of the Kim to Zim Outreach Trip?

A: I want to be there to support whatever might be needed on the ground and to experience first hand the power of powerlifting in Zimbabwe.

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