Saturday Spotlight: Cassie Ammen

This Saturday Spotlight series showcases the participants of the Kim to Zim Outreach Group.

Cassie Ammen

Q: How did you get started in powerlifting?

A: I had never heard of powerlifting before moving to California 3 years ago. I always loved lifting weights at the gym and tried to push myself to lift heavier things. I started training for a physique competition and my coach at the time was also a powerlifting coach, and I was introduced to it formally through him at that time. I also started following a lot of female powerlifters on instagram and going to workshops, and was blown away at what was possible for women to be lifting and I wanted to be a part of that. I ended up quitting the physique comp and switching to powerlifting and have been enjoying it ever since. I’ve competed twice so far, and looking forward to my third, end of 2019!

Q: What is your favorite lift and why?

A: My favorite lift is the deadlift. It is by far my best lift, and the only one I feel l can truly push myself 100%. I even get excited for my deadlift training days and feel a rush of adrenaline for the heavier sets.

Q: How has strength training impacted your life?

A: Strength training has impacted my life in so many ways. These last three years especially I’ve had a big career change and moved several times, and my training has been a force of stability in my life and has kept me grounded, which helps me stay on track in all other aspects of my life. It gives me a sense of pride and feeling of competence to progress, both technically and seeing the lifts go up in weight. There are so many aspects to improve on and dedicate myself to, and I like to look for small wins every training session. I’ve also met many amazing people in the strength community, and look forward to continually to build connections and friendships.

Q: What motivated you to want to be a part of the Kim to Zim Outreach Trip?

A: I originally heard about LIft4life on a podcast, and was immediately inspired. My background academically was in conflict analysis and resolution, and I had been searching for ways to connect my passion in fitness with also trying to make a positive difference for others. When I heard about the trip, it seemed like an amazing opportunity to travel with people I deeply admire, and to learn about and support community building in Zimbabwe through powerlifting.

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