Saturday Spotlight: Jamila Owens

This Saturday Spotlight series showcases the participants of the Kim to Zim Outreach Group.

Jamila Owens

Q: How did you get started in powerlifting?

A: I became interested in powerlifting without having any idea what “powerlifting” really was. At the time, I was living in Sydney as an expat and became super focused on losing weight with no idea how to get started. I began working with a personal trainer there who happens to be a powerlifter and I think he recognised that I was more excited about the strength training portion of my programming. He was actually the first person who told me I should consider competing, but at the time it was the last thing on my mind and I 100% did not think I was strong enough (and thought he was insane).

Then I moved back to NYC. I happened to come across a womens lifting event called Lifting Sisters Social being held at Murder of Crows Barbell Club in Brooklyn. I attended that, fell in love with the community, and then fell in love with powerlifting. Soon after, I decided I wanted to compete and eventually reached out to my current coach (Sean Collins of MoC) and things went from there. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’ve since competed twice, with a third competition in sight.

Q: What is your favorite lift and why?

A: This is a difficult one because there is something unique I like about my relationship with each individual lift. However, gut reaction is deadlift - it was the lift that introduced me to powerlifting and still the one that gets me the most excited both in training and on competition day.

Q: How has strength training impacted your life?

A: Strength training has impacted every area of my life - my life has changed drastically since strength training and eventually moving into powerlifting. Most obviously, I’m physically a lot stronger than I used to be. But as part of that, I am also stronger mentally. I also have a very strong competitive streak and love the outlet it has provided.

Q: What motivated you to want to be a part of the Kim to Zim Outreach Trip?

A: I love traveling and being of service just as much as powerlifting. When I came across the Kim to Zim outreach trip, I immediately recognized it as an exceptional opportunity to fulfill all three of my passions at once.

For more on Jamila’s powerlifting journey and impact of strength training on her life and impact she wants to have, check out her long form interview here with Fitness Journeys

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