Saturday Spotlight: Leah Embrey

This Saturday Spotlight series showcases the participants of the Kim to Zim Outreach Group.

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Q: How did you get started in powerlifting?

A: I had been lifting through sports starting in middle school through college but it was more sport specific rather than general strength. Throughout that time I had always loved competing for the 1 rep maxes more than anything. So, after college I started lifting again and decided to compete in a free online meet in 2016, where you submitted your video attempts in a Facebook group. From there I fell in love with powerlifting and started training online with the coach who put on the meet (JVB). She coached me through my first true powerlifting meet in October of 2016 and I haven't looked back since!

Q: What is your favorite lift and why?

A: My favorite lift is the squat. There is just something about having a lot of weight on my back and being able to move with it that makes me feel like such a bada** and confident on so many levels.

Q: How has strength training impacted your life?

A:Strength training has had a huge impact on my life mainly by increasing my confidence and self efficacy in all aspects of my life. From being able to hit numbers I once thought were impossible to pushing through difficult workouts powerlifting has transferred over to the difficult aspects in life. Knowing that I am strong enough to overcome anything that comes at me because of powerlifting has made an immense impact on my mental health and confidence. Powerlifting has gotten me out of my comfort zone more times than I can count and I have gained countless memories and friends as a result.

Q: What motivated you to want to be a part of the Kim to Zim Outreach Trip?

A: My motivation to be a part of this trip was that I wanted to be a part of something bigger. Bigger than myself. Bigger than my community. I wanted to be able to share my love for powerlifting to a bigger platform, to show just how much of an impact powerlifting can have on a persons life.

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