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In our last blog we received an update from our friend Ben Kawadza, a liaison in Zimbabwe, on what he is doing there with the non-profit All Out Sports and providing Tag Rugby. In light of the success he is having, we appeal to you to join us in filling our donation needs to achieve the same success in LIFT4LIFE.


Over the past months we have been tackling the challenge of outfitting our first facility with the equipment it needs. Recently, Challenge Barbell stepped up to donate the bars and plates we need for our first location. The next requirement to complete the basic lifting equipment is a rack and a bench. Knowing shipping from the US would be too costly we decided to pursue using a local welder in Zimbabwe to produce what we need. This choice has turned out to be favorable in many ways as we will also be benefiting the local economy and teaching a skill of equipment construction. With lots of back and forth conversation between our team in the US and those in Zimbabwe, we have finally selected a welder named Noel Nqanwa to meet our needs. Noel is primarily a coach builder which means he maintains bus, truck, and trailer frames and chassis. However, Noel is moving on from that and becoming a full time fitter and turner or, as we call the position, a machinist. Noel has also in the past studied precision engineering and with this exceptional background, he appears to be the right man for the job. This will be the first time he has ever made lifting equipment but we know he will do an amazing job.


With the final details falling into place, this is where we need your help, our followers. Each rack Noel builds and welds will cost a total of 300 US dollars for labor and metal, and each bench will be 200 dollars. Being that this is a mere fraction of what it would cost in the United States, we are very fortunate to have Noel on our side helping literally build up LIFT4LIFE through his skills. Today we are asking you to help out LIFT4LIFE not only by sharing this post with your family, friends, and anyone else that may support the cause, but also by considering making even a small donation of your own.  With your help and support we know that we can successfully raise all we need to finish the first LIFT4LIFE training facility in Zimbabwe.



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