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Welcome to this week’s blog post! In this edition, we would like to formally announce our newest LIFT4LIFE partner: If you follow us on facebook, then you already know we are big fans of Greg Nuckols and his work. is collection of informative articles covering many different areas of strength training. From technique, biomechanics, programming, physiology, and more, Greg’s website continues to deliver insightful commentary that can benefit strength athletes of all experience levels. So, if you haven’t already, feel free to head over there and check them out. While is only now becoming an official partner with us, Greg and his wife, Lyndsey, have been graciously helping us from our inception with this website and further outreach. Additionally, we have some great ideas cooking up amongst all of our partners that would not be possible without Greg’s help and dedication to our cause. We can’t wait to share those plans with you, so stay tuned for updates!

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