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The Government

In our last blog update we gave you a great new way to support our cause through gym partnerships. If you would like to read more about the partnerships click the button below. T-Shirts are also still on sale! Please use the link at the bottom of the blog t reach the shop and get your LIFT4LIFE shirt today to support our cause.  

Today, our team is happy to tell you about some new progress even we did not expect. Two weeks ago, our partner in Zimbabwe, Ben Kawadza, was at a sports clinic retreat. At this retreat, he was able to make some amazing contacts for us within the country. The first contact, which is essential for growing the sport and creating an association within the country, is the WADA representative in their country who would like to work with us as we put on seminars this summer.  The second was the assistant to the sports minister of the country.  WADA is the drug testing organization of all international sports competitions. With this connection, we have learned that the government is eager to support our success within the country. With that being said, they would like to extend to us duty free shipping when bringing equipment into the country. This turns out to be a great advantage for us as we continue growing powerlifting and importing more equipment down the road. Duty free shipping allows us to bring equipment into the country without having to pay the importation custom costs. Next, the assistant wants us to set up a meeting with the head minister this summer when our team is in Zimbabwe to talk more about promoting powerlifting in all five provinces within the country. This will greatly assist us in putting powerlifting on the map in Zimbabwe and may even allow us to branch into other countries in the future. Lastly, but possibly one of the most exciting developments, the assistant to the minister has expressed a desire to potentially help support a national team competing abroad some day when we are all up and running and have lifters ready to compete!


All of these things impact us only minimally as an organization in Zimbabwe today, but they have the potential to be monumental in the future as we grow within the country. The most positive aspect of this is that even at the early stage we are in now the government is already supporting us and behind our movement to grow the sport within the country! Their assistance aligns very well with our mission and will be a key factor in our success very shortly. It’s very reassuring to have their blessing as we continue to go forward. 

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